Kohia Nelson

Kohia Nelson
Freestyle Kohia Nelson is our botanical blend and extends our love of the unique flavours of New Zealand grown crops.

We’ve been experimenting with a process to add botanicals to hops and produce a uniform pellet that has something really unexpected to it.

Our 2022 version of that blend combines Motueka, Rakau, NZ Cascade with New Zealand passionfruit. The passion fruit was sourced from a brilliant NZ restaurant supply company. Kohia Nelson requires a bit of a different (and complex) production process. The passion fruit is dried, the seeds removed and then blended with the hops prior to pelleting. The only other ingredient
used to make the blend is a small amount of natural ascorbic acid (vitamin C from citrus) to prevent oxidation of the passion fruit during the pelleting process.
This delightful blend, which is about equal parts Motueka, Rakau, and NZ Cascade, serves as the hop base for Kohia Nelson.  Our internal dry hop testing has come back really positive. We found it to have a potent sweet passion fruit aroma, but (in our test West Coast IPA) a nice crisp, dry, mega-hoppy flavour. We think you will be stoked on it.