SubZero Hop Kief ®

SubZero Hop Kief ®

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SZHK comes in 275 mL bottles that contain approximately 260 mL of SZHK at room temperature and a small amount of C0₂ headspace.

Cryogenic Liquid Dry Hop

Freestyle SubZero Hop Kief® is concentrated lupulin for cold side use.  Our SubZero Hop Kief® is intended for dry hopping and can be added to the brite tank prior to carbonation to give your beer fresh hop character that hangs on in package or to make hop flavour/aroma adjustments to finished beer.  SubZero Hop Kief® is true-to-lot, delivering the same flavour/aroma profile as the individual hop lot from which it is made.

Game Changing New Hop Extract Uses

SubZero Hop Kief can be used in ways that traditional pellets can’t, giving you more options with your brewing process.  It can be added super late to make adjustments to the hop character of your finished beer or to lift the fresh hop flavour and aroma of your beer (immediately before packaging).

Simple, Easy, All About Flavour & Aroma

Our SubZero Hop Kief is liquid hops, giving you more beer yield.  SubZero Hop Kief can also deliver attributes that might be hard to achieve with traditional pellets, such as creamier mouthfeel and a complex juicy profile for your beer, helping you achieve a different character than might be possible with various forms of pellets.  Very late additions of SubZero Hop Kief can meaningfully aid shelf stability (percieved freshness) for packaged beer.

Truly Solventless, No Special Preparation

Freestyle SubZero Hop Kief is made with a cryogenic solventless process that allows us to extract all the desirable flavour and aroma compounds.  Most other products that claim to be solventless actually use CO2 as the solvent, meaning that compounds that aren’t soluble in CO2 don’t end up in your beer.  For example, free thiols are not typically solubilized in CO2.  SubZero Hop Kief has a small volume of USP food-grade ethanol added (~33% EtOH by weight) for food safety and ease of use.

No Surprising Extra Ingredients

SubZero Hop Kief does not contain any weird/"high tech" emulsifiers (ex. propylene glycol) or other "incidental additives" that your customers wouldn't expect to be in their beer.  It only contains hops and pure food-grade ethanol.

All the Flavour, None of the Chlorophyll

It’s liquid dry-hop made with a patent-pending separation process. SubZero Hop Kief delivers the full spectrum of flavour compounds in a normal T-90 pellet without the vegetative matter. It is intended for flavour/aroma use on the cold side and does not contain most of the alpha acids (will not work for bittering). SubZero Hop Kief is produced in an FDA and cGMP compliant food and pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.