We currently grow 10 different varieties of hops, each grown in a location to take advantage of the nuances of soil, sunlight, wind, and microclimate.  As we explore and better understand the flavours and aromas imparted by our different blocks and varietals we will update the details of our flavour aroma profiles.


Cascade 1.3.JPG
  • Alpha Acids: 6-8%

  • Beta Acids: 5-5.5%

Our Cascade is a study in differing terroir and imparts citrus, tropical fruit and red berries aromas, without the typical pine notes.



  • Alpha Acids: 5-6%

  • Beta Acids: 5.9-6.1%

Pacifica imparts citrus and floral characteristics with a noble hop essence.


pacific jade

  • Alpha Acids: 12-14%

  • Beta Acids: 7-8%

Pacific Jade imparts orange and other citrus aromas with some herbal notes.


  • Alpha Acids: 6.5-7.5%

  • Beta Acids: 5-5.5%

Motueka displays distinct lemon and lime characteristics with hints of citrus and tropical fruit.

Nelson sauvin

  • Alpha Acids: 12-13%

  • Beta Acids: 6-8%

Nelson Sauvin displays distinct wine-y aromas, with grape, gooseberry and background dankness.


Rakau 3.JPG

Rakau has distinct apricot aromas with stone fruit and pine flavours.


Picture and info to come...


Southern Cross

  • Alpha Acids: 11-14%

  • Beta Acids: 5-6%

Southern Cross has distinct tropical fruit and citrus aromas, with some lemon and lime notes with a hint of spice.


  • Alpha Acids: 16-19%

  • Beta Acids: 7-9%

Waimea displays intense citrus and pine aromas.


Wakatu 1.4.JPG
  • Alpha Acids: 6.5-8.5%

  • Beta Acids: 8.4-8.6%

Wakatu displays floral and citrus characteristics with hints of lime.