Cascade 2022

Pink Grapefruit, Dark Berries, Light pine

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of T90 Hop Pellets in x

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Harvest Notes

The 2022 Cascade was harvested on 9-Mar, 10-Mar. This Mid harvested hop comes in T90 Hop Pellets from the 15 block(s) of Freestyle Hops Sunrise Valley, Upper Moutere farm. This Pink Grapefruit, Dark Berries, Light pine Hop has a best by date of 1/12/2024.

  • Grown by Freestyle Hops
  • Grown in Sunrise Valley, Upper Moutere
  • Block(s) 15
  • Type T90 Hop Pellets
  • Package 20kg (4 x 5kg foils)
  • Available in North America, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain
  • Alpha Acid 7.1% AA
  • Beta Acid 6.4% BA
  • Total Oil 2.12ml/100g
  • Kiln Temp 53.5°C (128.3°F)
  • Final Moisture 8.9%


NZ Cascade is a testament to terroir and imparts complex citrus, tropical fruit and red berry aromas, with little of the pine notes typical of northern hemisphere Cascade. The true measure of a hop is in the flavour and aroma it imparts to your beer. In this pursuit, we endeavour to grow the most flavourful and aromatic hops in the world. We are relentless about quality, continuously challenging ourselves to improve, with a singular focus: to grow an exceptional hop, so that you can create an exceptional beer.

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