Our Story

Freestyle Hops sits at the top of Te Tauihu (the South Island) of Aotearoa, New Zealand in Nelson’s iconic Moutere Valley. 

We're slightly to the left of Nelson in the ancient clay gravels of Sunrise Valley, at the head of Nelson's iconic Moutere Valley, renowned for the flavours and aromas of its vineyards, orchards and hopyards.

We believe in kaitiakitanga (stewardship) of our land, knowing that we are responsible for its health and vitality. As momentary custodians of this remarkable piece of land, we seek to do it justice.  Exceptional hops can only come from healthy soils. We follow regenerative farming practices, grow spray-free hops, use varied inter-row plantings, and take care of our soil.

Our unique soils are made up of clay rich loam and river gravels.  The maritime microclimate of the Sunrise Valley has exceptionally high UV levels relative to growing degree days.  When combined with the excellent diurnal temperature range, it allows us to develop outrageous levels of aromatic compounds in our hops.

This combination allows us to grow hops of unparalleled quality and character that intimately reflect the natural environment in which they grow. We strive to have a gentle touch in all that we do, from field to foil, to express our love of this land.