Harvest Is Here! / by Kathy Dunbar

Harvest is finally upon us here in New Zealand.  This morning we started up the picker and tested out all of our fancy new improvements on the Pacifica in Block 2, that has surprisingly gone from green to really aromatic over the last two weeks.  The Pacifica (and our Motueka) has had a huge boost in lupulin over that time from a string of hot sunny days.  We stopped the picker a few times throughout the day to make adjustments and fix minor issues, but luckily we had all the wrenches and swear words needed to get things running again quickly.

I've included a link below to a google map of the farm, so that you can better see exactly where the hops come from.  We'll keep adding informative data to this map as we collect it (click on the individual blocks to see the applicable info).


Below are a few photos of today's action, our lovingly tended nursery plants and one photo of the morning fog and marine layer burning off a few days ago.

To start getting you a more data-driven sense of this growing season I have included the graphs below showing cumulative growing degree days and precipitation.  It has been one of the coolest and wettest seasons of the last 25 years.