Cyclone Gita / by Kathy Dunbar

A couple of days ago, cyclone Gita hit central New Zealand, (right where we are located), bringing with it high winds and 118mm (4.7in) of rain in 24 hours.  Although we do enjoy a good challenge, we prefer it to come in a less terrifying format.  As luck would have it, the cyclone didn’t cause any major damage to the farm or significantly impact this year’s crop.  Completed not a moment too soon, the significant investment in improving water management and upgrading our canopy over the last year, massively paid off yesterday.  I owe the guys more than a few beers for their monumental efforts to make repairs and keep up with harvest preparations. Below is a link to photos from around the farm the morning after Cyclone Gita hit. 

We’ve been busy tidying up the last little bits and pieces around the farm today, and plan to be ready to start the 2018 Harvest bright and early tomorrow morning.  We'll pick the Pacifica and then pause for a few days, as we wait for the Motueka and Cascade to reach the maturity level we're after.  Everyone is ready and excited, and we are looking forward to a great harvest!